September 2011 newsletter

Dear Friends,

Two new Basic members joined PFEC. In the PFEC Promotion Competition, Jiri Fochler gained another point. Daniel Remy joined the competition with one point. One Basic member’s subscription expired. On the positive side: many of the new Basic members have renewed, some to the maximum period of 3 years.

Writing comments on circuits

In accordance with our circuit’s name we try to exchange in a friendly manner. For that, we have our rule 8. BE KIND TO EACHOTHER. It is kind to note that the exchange was an excellent one. It encourages people to make the extra effort.

Not so pleasant is reflecting any frustration about exchanges gone wrong by writing on the circuit for other members to see. Remember this does not only say something about the member who might have done his best to send as good as he could, but also about YOU.
Nobody can check if the stamps that you sent yourself were that brilliant.

Feel free to communicate any negative feedback about your exchanges to me in a separate note or email or whatever, but NOT ON THE CIRCUITS. For premium members, there is a formal mediation service. Use it, if you cannot work things out with the member in question.

I am also happy, and of course happier, when you let me know how much you enjoyed your exchanges with a specific member.

Cover of the month August 2011

This month, I received many fine covers, that qualified for cover of the month. I took 15 of them with me on a short brake in Cyprus and decided to visit the Post Museum in Nicosia. The manager, Mr. Ploutis Louiziou, kindly consented to make this months selection. The covers made by Simon Pravdic, Isabel Jorge-Friedrich and John Hopwood came top in his selection. The covers are on display on Facebook in the cover of the month album.

Regional meeting in Cologne

The guaranteed availability of rooms in the chosen hotel in Cologne at our special price is now closed. You are still very welcome, but the price will depend on the availability of rooms.

Next dispatch of circuits

Request received by Circuits sent from Stamps to be issued that day
August 15th August 22nd Bond
Heemschut 100 jaar
August 25th September
100 jaar
Circus Renz

You may notice that in the table it says no longer Circuits sent on, but Circuits sent from. On August 22nd,  I went to several Post Offices to buy the Heemschut stamps on the first day, but no luck.
My daughter had the same experience on September 1st, when the new definitives were issued. Sorry for those members whose circuits have been delayed by this latest ploy of Postnl. It is now clear that new Dutch stamps are no longer available many Post Offices, or whatever has come in its place. They can be ordered from internet, but they come when Postnl feel like it, which is
not the first day. It seems that Postnl is only out to protect their First Day Covers and preventing people to make their own FDC’s.

In my opinion, the Postnl FDC’s are nothing better than CTO’s.

These covers come many days after the first day and the only thing you can do with it is shove them up your album (or is it IN your album? Difficult those English prepositions). A lot of the fun of having the Postnl covers disappeared in 1997 when we could no longer get our letters cancelled on the first day with the nice PTT cancel. I have kept them on for 15 years to make sure I had a cancelled version of all the new stamps by the official post, now Postnl. Since a few years this has also become pointless as Postnl issues so many unofficial stamps. You often stumble over stamps on internet by Postnl, that are available at face value, but not listed as official and thusnot included in the official FDC series and therefore not blessed with an official
cancel. So my subscription to Postnl FDC’s will end at the beginning of 2012.

Best wishes,


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