PFEC Newsletter for Quarter 4 of 2016

Dear Friends,

I am late… It was lack of energy that prevented me from posting the newsletter earlier. There are several more subjects that I like to bring to your attention, but I have limited myself to the ones below and do the rest via other media.

In the third quarter, the number of members declined. We a new Basic members and two new Premium members. Unfortunately a number of long term members stopped collecting due old age. We just had the sad news that Vaclav Polacek has passed away. May he rest in peace.

Jiri Fochler extended his lead as  the nr. 1 PFEC recommender.

We welcome

Chris Reed of Australia and  Mireille Paradis of Canada

as Premium members

Further compliments go to Fernando Zamora.

This was the worst quarter for new members ever. If we like to have a vital community with lots of active members, everyone has to carry part of the burden.  How hard can it be to add one A5 sheet to a letter to a good collector and writing a few lines about your participation in PFEC which cannot be all that hard. I have now an A6 form of the size of a circuits, which I shall add whenever I have time. You can usually slip that in easily in your correspondence with non-PFEC friends without exceeding the weight limit for 20 grams.

Price of Dutch stamps for postage

Post NL has again decided to raise the price of postage stamps The tariff for an ordinary letter will go up from 73 to 78 cents. International letters will go up to 1,33 even though the fuel prices have come down dramatically and airfreight is more booming than ever.  I have decided not to increase the PFEC tariffs for 2017, but I shall need to catch up in 2018.

Collecting Dutch stamps

I have had it with Post NL as regards issuing policy. The limit was on September 12, when 15 different stamps were strewn over us poor cash-cows-collectors. Next year I will not entertain sheets with 10 different stamps for inland use. For 2017, 1 will only collect mint stamps of long going series, like the Mooi Nederland, Nederland Grenzeloos, the Europe stamps, the Children stamps and the December stamps, plus the sheets with just one, maybe two stamps like the one issued on the Day of the stamp.

Dropping the PO Box

The PO Box will definitely be cancelled early 2017. Please send your mail directly to my home address, which is on (nearly, when I forgot) every written communication from PFEC. The PO Box will remain in use until the level of mail has dropped sufficiently to close it safely. Last week I got about 60% of the letters to the home address. Keep up the good work and read the back of the circuit. I alter that occasionally.

Cover of Quarter 3 of 2016

I have selected a top 15  on October 1st . I published it on the weblog and I got 3 reactions there. Fortunately there were 17 voters  in the end: not great for 100 addressed members, but  not bad enough to stop this activity altogether. However, the post itself had 17 views. Not worth all the effort. Considering that there are people who spend their days with the posting of pictures of  their pet beetle, (double e) one might expect that some quality work by serious colleague philatelists might get a better reading. So this is the last newsletter on this weblog. No point in writing things that nobody reads.

The joint winners of Q3 were Hiroshi Motooka and Kare Johansson with 9 votes each.

The cover by Melvin Mazur was voted third with 5 votes .

That’s all for ever,

Take care,


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One Response to PFEC Newsletter for Quarter 4 of 2016

  1. deebeestamps says:

    Saddened by your comment that you are not continuing with the newsletters – I read every one that I could – I do understand as I do a lot of work here in Whyalla that I believe is not really appreciated – just wanted to let you know that I have appreciated your efforts.


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